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Residential Electronic Locksets
At Dabbs Lock we offer a solution for our Residential Clients who want to add Electronic Access Control to their home at a reasonable rate. Please review the video and information below to see if Schlage's Electronic Locksets are right for you. They come in both deadbolts and latch-locks in a wide selection of designs and finishes. Most can be installed in less then a week and under $275
  • Locks fit into existing lockset holes and require NO additional holes to be drilled
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Can hold up to 19 different 4-digit user codes
  • Can be programed / re-programed in less then a minute
  • Give short term access to your home without giving out keys
  • Your kids and forgetful family members can't lose a 4-digit code as easy as a key
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Introduction to Schlage Keypad Locks
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