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Commercial Services

Mobile Key

Cutting Service

We bring key cutting right to your office. From our service vehicles we are able to cut most common residential, commercial, mailbox lock, and padlock keys.

Existing Lock Rekeying

Most of the time we are able to rekey your existing locks therefore preventing the old keys from working with this cost effective solution to getting new keys

Overhead Door Closers

Doors closer assist in keeping your property secured. With daily use they may need to be adjusted and/or replaced if they can no longer close a door properly. 

Interchangable (IC) Core Cylinders

The perfect solution for high turn-over commercial and retail properties. Now you have the ability to rekey your own locks in seconds. Costly emergency visits for rekeying become a thing of the past. 

Restricted Keys

Most keys, even commercial keys, can be duplicated in under a minute for less than $6.00. When keys are handed out, they can often be duplicated without your knowledge or permission. We have the perfect solution to eliminate this problem. Rekeys can become a thing of the past if you know you got all your keys back after an adverse employee separation with a negative outcome. .

Electronic Upgrades

When handing out keys isn't ideal, electronic upgrades are the right solution. With an electronic upgrade, codes are given out in place of keys which can then be tracked. Codes can then be restricted by time of day and day of the week if needed. 

Exit Alarms

The fastest deterrent to using an egress door that is intended for emergencies only is an Exit Alarm. These stand alone alarms can be keyed into your current key system and will alert others as to the unauthorized use of an egress door.

Exit Devices

(Crash Bars)

Often required by Fire Codes, Exit Devices are found on most egress doors. These are often the only security solution for perimeter doors at your facility.  

Bathroom Occupancy Deadbolts

These keyless deadbolts allow for privacy when needed, but also allow to be opened from the outside in an emergency situation.

Key Management

Whether you need to secure as few as 8 or as many as 730 keys we have the solution for you. Access to these key boxes can even be keyed into your current keying system for easier and faster access.

Commercial Storefront Hardware

As there are a limited number of security options for aluminum doors, we carry replacement hardware on our service vehicles. 

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